Adaptive learning app concept for exam preparation of upper school students



One day I talked to my parents, teachers in lower grades, about the use of secondary internet content for students, besides the attendance in school. They emphasized the less quality of, for example,YouTube videos or explanations on other webpages. That made me think about whether there could be a digital solution for the problem. I decided to pick up this problem as the research question for my bachelor thesis and started to work on it.


The solution is an app where students and teachers can post online content related to their current class topics. Students can create learning sheets, which enable adaptive learning for individual needs. Based on evaluations and discussions about the online content, these are checked for their quality. The concept can be introduced by students. Besides, they can invite teachers to have better quality checks.


This project was my bachelor thesis, so I was responsible for everything. I built a research plan with surveys, desk research, interviews, and ran four Google Design Sprints parallel in four small groups. After the research, I did a complete design phase. I designed wireframes and matched them with the human development guidelines of Apple. In conclusion, I formulated the next steps for the evaluation of business cases.


The key-learning was to understand how effective and productive it is to have the possibility to work closely with users. It wasn’t easy to have the possibility, but the effort was worth it. Also, I learned to teach my knowledge about UX-Design. To ran especially moderate workshops was new to me. I enjoyed that. It wasn't as difficult as I thought.


Geschwister-Prenski-Schule Lübeck and Technische Hochschule Lübeck