Intuitive mobile assistant for d2d sales of telecom contracts



This app is designed for d2d salesmen, whose task is to walk from door to door to conclude as much contracts as possible with new and existing clients. They had long lists with addresses of existing clients and all contracts on paper. Between two doors, they had to pack the signed contracts and prepare themselves for the next customer with other papers. In short, to handle all the paperwork was a mess and for us a challenge to develop improvements.


We have observed and analyzed the complete workflow of the salesmen and worked out a digital assistant for their individual tasks. Since the launch of our first MVP, they are working paperless. Without all the mess they can work more efficiently by focusing on their primary task: being friendly and helpful when dealing with clients. Contracts are now more flawless and can be executed faster.


As an intern, I was at the side of an senior UX designer mainly responsible for first level customer support and ongoing design tasks, like defining use cases, doing desk research, analyzing raw data, designing wireframes and discussing results. As an working student i did quite the same, but self-responsible. I worked on two main features: a map view and a backup feature.


I really enjoyed doing the first level support. It was a direct communication channel with the user for free. A channel like that gives the possibility to design in a more fundamental and user-centric way. Besides that, I improved my social skills. B2B-Apps like this one are more complex to design because of the high number of features and their related interaction. I learned to structure a complex app for intuitive usage.


Tim Brust, Christian Jacobs, Christoph Brecht, Alexander Peschel, Andreas Sonnleitner, Tim Schulte und Meik Mense-Koch