Remote app for a fictional seamless entertaining management system for television screens



The conventional way of watching TV is, since the introduction of on-demand services, no longer common. People are using more and more media libraries from TV channels and services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.These days we come from the question “What can I see now?“ to the question “Where can I see this now?“. How should our digital entertaining system of tomorrow have to be designed?


Imagine you have one remote app for all the screens in your home.You can jump seamlessly from one to another. Smode helps you to find the content you want. The app searches through all your favorite streaming services and TV channels. Smode will combine the conventional and the modern way in one consistent UI.You could have your own account with personal recommendations. Everything you need is a supported screen or a Smode HDMI-Stick.


Smode was a group project during my bachelor studies. I faced everything related to user research and product design: Analyzing existing related apps, brainstorming, defining personas and consumption scenarios, designing features and defining resulting requirements and quality attributes.


We used a lot of methods to define the behavior of our users and our software. This is helpful in every decision-taking situation. A UX-Designer needs evaluated charts or other documents to argue for the users. We integrated a kind of multiroom streaming into a new field. An important learning was that a solution doesn’t need to be completely new, but the adaptation of something can also build something new.


Markus Linke, Marvin Schirrmacher and Dario Lehmhus