Office intranet solution for desk booking, skills search and KPIs

Unitymedia Service GmbH


Unitymedia Service GmbH had just been founded. They had many new employees in a completely new office that was too big. More service staff were to be hired in the coming months. They worked in new, modern ways. For example, there was an open-desk policy. No one had a fixed desk, but they liked to know who is who and who can help me with what complex customer problems.


The solution looked like a social media platform with an additional floor plan. We traveled a few times to Berlin to run workshops and find out needs, wishes, and fears to come to this result. Due to less budget, we decided to build a PWA to bypass the app store processes of Google and especially Apple. We wanted to develop the MVP as fast as possible to test it and have fundamental decisions for our next steps.


My role was the UX-Designer in the SCRUM team. In the beginning, I spent a lot of time in Berlin to run workshops and methods with our users like card sorting, interviews, shadowing, and user tests with paper prototypes. We analyzed all our results and discussed our possibilities due to less budget to design and develop first features. In the design process, my focus was to design wireframes and work closely with our UI-Designer together.


This project was the first project for me where I had full responsibility for UX-Design- related tasks. I learned to argue and fight for the user's needs. I realized that my skills in programming are very helpful when discussing with backend and especially frontend developers. I was able to talk about realization problems and to work out possibilities to achieve/execute my feature requests with web technologies.


Meik Mense-Koch, Andreas Sonnleitner, Alexander Peschel, Manuel Seemann and Klaus Schröder